I love editing. It’s one of my favorite parts about film making

-Steven Spielberg

Imagine watching an unedited movie. Think about it. Unsynchronized audio clips for dialogues, destabilized footage during a closeup shot or a beautiful scenery with pale boring colors. Not very interesting is it? That’s where the art of video editing plays a major role. To quote Orson Welles, “The notion of directing a film is the invention of critics – the whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room”

Video editing is the art of rearranging and manipulating shots to form a new video. It may include adding or removing clips, color correction and other enhancements or simply putting a seamless transition between shots. Video editors also play a crucial role in conveying the message or emotion of the scene by making sure that the scene flows in a certain way. A good editor also has the ability to influence the mood of the audience in a video by adding in audio clips or visual effects.

In the early 50s, editing a film meant physically cutting the quadruplex videotape with a guillotine and following an arduous process to put it back. The invention of the flying erase-head then allowed new video and audio to be recorded over existing footage. But this too had its own set of complications. For example, if a scene at the beginning of the tape needed editing, all the scenes that followed would have to be re-recorded.

In modern times, with advancement in technology, video editing facilities have been made available on almost all home computers. Now, even laptops have enough speed and storage capacity to undertake a decent video editing project. The work that would require a complex multi-machine set-up in an expensive multimedia production house, can now be done at home thanks to availability of video editing software such as Apple’s iMovie, Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

The Tigers Studio is proud to have in its arsenal, a top of the line video editing computer. With a powerful intel xeon dual processor, 128GB RAM, quadro fx graphics card and a tangent element panels kit, Tigers Studio is on par with industry standards for video editing and color grading.

Editing of 4K footage with color grading and seamless rendering. The machine enables editing and rendering of images and videos in no time without any lag whatsoever. Projects like short films, commercials, 3D animation clips, and feature films can be easily worked on the machine.


Projects done:

Photography post production for a real estate company

Documentary clips for international pharmaceutical company

Health Food show for a local tv channel


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