“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – Edgar Degar.


They say art is the highest form of hope, and in the world, we live in today, we need to have hope. The world of today is full of innovations and development and very less thought is given to the depleting environment we live in.

Over the years, we have been witness to mass destruction, global warming, excessive constructions, depletion of water levels and so much more. It almost feels like the earth is crying out for our attention into helping save it.

To bring attention to the depletion in our environment, Mr Maendra Alvares showcased his new collection called “Utt Re 2” – Thinking Solutions, in the form digital art which is a fusion of graphic and the classic style of painting.   The paintings are showcased at the Big Foot Museum in Loutolim.

According to Mr Alvares, “We need to start thinking of solutions on how to limit our constructions and at the same time keeping in mind the safety of the environment.”  The paintings showcased at the Museum was a step right into the reality of how at the end, the world may survive but we as homo sapiens will have to pay the price.

The artworks at the showcase show more of black with an underlying hint towards destruction, the earth and the oceans face.  The main theme of the art showcase is the thalassic destruction the oceans and rivers face.  Since most of the earth is covered in water, the worst kind of destruction takes place in the oceans and river through garbage and industrial wastes.  The showcase exhibits 8 different artworks that aim to portray our undying thirst for money under the pretence of development, the corruption towards mother nature, growing demands: diminishing resources, the circle of life, adulteration, and poisoned fish. Mr Alvares has definitely given us something to think about.

Let this wakeup call by Mr Alvares be the spark of bringing out solutions on saving the environment and inspire us to work towards a healthier living and co-exist together through environment and development.

  • Priyanka Afonso


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