A friend of yours found a special someone and now she’s happy about the big day. When your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, do you immediately start jumping around your apartment screeching? While you’re very excited about being a part of the wedding, you might feel confused about what your duties are, or even overwhelmed by them. Your job in the wedding includes more than champagne and chiffon. If you’re looking out for tips on how to be the best bridesmaid, we’ve outlined the do’s and don’ts for you. Here’s how to go over and above for your friend.

Having an opportunity to stand next to the bride on the most exciting day of her life is an honor. It simply means that she cannot imagine to go ahead with something as big as tying a knot without you there. So don’t depreciate that by demanding things to go a particular way. You can definitely offer your opinions but do it in a way that acknowledges that you also support her decisions.

Do plan an amazing bachelorette and bridal shower
Although the mother-of plans the bridal shower doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the plan. The maid-of-honor plans the bachelorette so throw yourself entirely in that, you know your friend more than anyone. You’re probably the only one who has her entire bucket list on your phone.
Give your style advice

Even though throughout her life she has not asked for your advice this is the only time to get all you advises noticed by her. Go gown shopping or help her choose the décor for the wedding.

Do not complain. I repeat do not complain. At this moment the bride depends entirely on you and as a bridesmaid you got to do your chores even if it’s waking up early in the morning on the big day to set everything in order.

Be prepared for anything that comes your way on the big day
As a bridesmaid you’ll be busy running last minute errands, helping the bride to get dressed, ushering the guests but stay attentive to bride’s needs.
Emotional support

Women look forward to their big day for years. Due to the hassle during the wedding planning month or the over excitement and anticipation it is normal for her to experience stress or even tremble on the big day. As a bridesmaid it’s your duty to be a great listener and a shoulder to lean on.


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