Whether you are a fan of landscapes, a trekking enthusiast or simply someone who likes to wander into the wild, going trekking is a wonderful and enriching experience. Photography while trekking can be a tricky affair. So, before you pack your bags and set off into the wilderness, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Before you start

  1. Plan your location and watch the weather
  2. Get a good photography kit bag ideal for trekking
  3. Keep the cleaning kit handy.
  4. Water and dust repellent cover for the camera
  5. Charge your battery & carry extra batteries
  6. Carry sufficient memory cards
  7. Tripod to place your camera for long exposure shots.


Lenses to use

  1. Use good telephoto lens for wild life
  2. 18-55mm lens to shoot normal photography
  3. Use wide angle for landscapes


What to do while trekking

  1. Keep the camera inside your bag while changing the lens.
  2. Ensure that your equipment is kept dry & away from water.
  3. If it rains wipe your camera with a dry cloth before placing it inside the bag to void moisture.


After shoot

  1. Wash your tripod with normal water to remove any dirt.
  2. Clean the camera and lens thoroughly.
  3. Keep your camera in a dehumidifier box(dry cabinet).


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