Perhaps the most famous ship in the world, the “Titanic” who met its treacherous fate in April 1912, is set to sail on the same route in 2022 by its replica ship the ‘Titanic II’.

A replica of the RMS Titanic was first announced in 2012 but was suspended due to financial constraints. Now that the financial issues have been resolved, the owners Blue Star Line announced that work on the luxury Titanic II has continued.

Termed as the successor of the original ship, Titanic II will retrace the original route across the Atlantic in 2022. It will cost about $500 million. It will carry nearly the exact number of passengers and crew members as the historical ship did. Reportedly, there were 2,400 passengers then and 900 crew members. Even the ticket system will also be like the original ship with first, second and third-class bookings.

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Its maiden voyage will sail from Dubai to Southampton, England, then to New York, taking the same route as the original, which, after all, was so popular, and famously hit an iceberg on April 12, 1912. The trip will take two weeks. After that, it’ll sail a number of global routes. According to several media reports, Titanic II is outfitted exactly like the ill-fated luxury liner with the same cabin layouts. However, it is equipped with additional modern safety features like more lifeboats and modern navigation, radar equipment, to avoid an incident of the past.

In 1912, the Titanic was glorified as the largest and most luxurious passenger ship in history, it was also proclaimed that even God couldn’t break break it apart. Ultimately it sank with over two-thirds of people aboard losing their lives.

In the year 1997 the movie “Titanic”  was released, telling the tale of star crossed lovers Rose and Jack who meet on the Titanic and fall in love, ultimately meeting with their ill-fate when the majestic ship sank.

But unlike the first Titanic which was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the new one was built in China, so, you see, it’s a whole different thing.

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