Ever wonder what would happen if Christopher Columbus didn’t sail? Would we still think the continents like North America, South America, Africa, Australia and parts of South Asia didn’t exist? But thankfully he did set sail and the new world was discovered. He discovered the Americas and inspired other explorers to discover the world. Imagine the thrill of discovering new lands, learning about their cultures and learning about the seas. But most importantly just building and owning a boat.

The pleasure of owning your own boat is one of a kind. You can fish, sail, race, or just hang out with friends. You can sail to the closest bay on a day-trip or spend several days on neighbouring islands. Working around the ship can be an interesting hobby – It can be a great way of meeting new people, spend time outdoors, and getting tanned!

Gather all the information you need.

Buying a boat is definitely not like buying a car or a house, even if it has the elements of both. In addition, you’ll be dipping your feet into admiralty laws, that goes back to the rules and regulations of a century ago. With ship financing on a rise, there is more demand for it as compared to the previous years. In recent years’ boats/ ships are owned for 2-5 years, therefore it is better to finance it and hold on the cash for other users.

To know more about boats you also have to talk to people who already own boats and ships. They can be your friend or even friends of friends; you will need all the information possible. Boaters love to be in and around water, right from the deep blue seas to the river lands, their love for boats and the ocean never ends. It is a great opportunity to ask questions about why they decided to buy that particular boat, what they like and don’t like about it, and how they use their boat: Weekends? Day sail only? Racing? Cruising? A boat that is great for racing may not be very comfortable for a long weekend on the water.

And while you’re at asking boaters for their opinions, also remember boat owners have a love-hate relationship with their boats so be prepared for opposing comments of you buying a ship/boat. Owning a boat can be a time staking, costly and a frustrating ordeal. You will be told about every horror story about owning a boat, right from buying to selling, and insuring to repairing it. But don’t worry, remember these boaters are the very same ones who own them. They are just telling you the hard truth and probably weed out the faint heart.

The perks of owning a boat.

Boating can be great fun, especially with friends. You can go fishing and racing in the blue waters. You can host parties or even go on a romantic getaway with your beloved. Owning a boat can prove to be a great weekend escape for your family as well. A family weekend getaway on your boat gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends. You can even teach your kids boating or the skills of catching a fish.

One of the key features of owning a boat is also about developing relationships. Owning a boat makes you a part of a larger community. You will have every opportunity to connect and interact with boat owners from different walks of life. You can also rent out your yacht when you are not using and it provides a great source of income as hiring yachts are expensive.

Owning a luxury boat or ship will definitely have the capability to cruise in deep waters. You will always have somewhere new and exotic to go to when you own your own ship. If the world is covered 3/4th with water there is bound to be a shoreline, river, lake or even an ocean that you haven’t explored yet. It is important to inform your local marina and inform them of your whereabouts and the closest ports before to settle in. Nothing can be more relaxing than being able to sail on an open water and leave all your troubles behind.

A large number of people hold back from owning a boat because of the one thought of it being expensive. However, owning a boat can be a cheap form of enjoying life. Own a boat can only bite you in the back when it comes to maintaining it. But if you’re up for some exploration boating is definitely the thing for you.

Leisure  Activities

Owning a boat can also lead to indulging oneself into water sports like water skiing in inland waters and a well-equipped boat can also support scuba diving enthusiasts when they engage in diving into coral reefs. You can involve yourself into tubing, sailing, body-boarding, sigh-seeing, fishing, racing and even swimming.


Maintaining a boat may seem stressful but going on for a vacation on it is very stress relieving. It gives you the privilege of enjoying life at sea, basking in the glory of the sun and living a pleasant life with your loved ones. You can teach your, children or friend, to swim in inland water, go scuba diving, teach them the workings of the boat and so forth. It will be an experience for a lifetime.

So now that you’ve gathered all the information of owning a boat and you’re still up for it, go ahead, do some field research and only then, go buy yourself a boat.


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