India’s first domestic luxury cruise line is set to make its maiden voyage just a few weeks away from now.  The cruise vessel is named Angriya after Kanhoji Angre, or Conajee Angria, the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy. The foreign troops called him a pirate but back at home, he was the ‘Shivaji Samudra’, or Shivaji of the Indian Ocean. In Mumbai, there is also a naval establishment name after him, called INS Angre.

The cruise finally set to sail on the 12th of October 2018. It will begin a non-stop journey of 16 hours from Purple gate of Mumbai’s Indira Docks at 5 pm and arrive at Murmugao in South Goa the next day at 9 am. The man at the helm of the ship will be Captain Nitin Dhond.

Captain Nitin Dhond

The Angriya is meant to have 399 passengers and features six decks. The vessel was prior built-in Japan and once even carried passenger. And you can spot some lovely Japanese elements still intact.

The cruise ship has 104 cabins across eight different categories, right from dorms and pods to family suites and suites. Some may come with a view but others don’t. They are all fairly roomy and airy but not all of them all of the standard sizes. So if you’re booking a dorm or a pod be sure to share a bathroom (kitted out with a Japanese toilet seat with buttons et al).

Interior shot of the dorm with a Japanese-style seating area.

The Angriya consists of an infinity pool at the rear end of the ship. In addition, it also holds a well-equipped spa at the lowermost deck and also has express mani-pedi counters at the decks above. The reading room is decorated with interiors of pastel and pink with cosy spots to park yourselves.

Infinity pool at the rear end of the deck

The one-way ticket for the cruise will approximately cost between INR. 7,000 (for a bed in the dorm) to INR. 11,000 (for a suite) per person. Your tickets will entitle you for three meals on board: evening snacks, dinners and breakfast. Buffet meals are served at two restaurants- expect Chinese, Continental and Konkani fare. There are six bars and a lounge to let your hair down, so you can start the party well before hitting the shores of Goa.

A twin room that still retains the Japanese duvet covers.
A family room, featuring a double bed with two bunk beds.

You can book a trip through their website which will be out soon. You can update yourself throughAngriya’s Facebook and Instagram.

Buffet meals are served for tea, dinner and breakfast.










Source: Condé Nest Traveller






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