While watching the match on television,

I saw a bearded coach do some ninja gestures.

I automatically thought that these were for the Osaka girl, Naomi.

Serena sees a coach who seems to be gesturing his ward to move forward and capture the net. She assumes that this is a signal  to the Japanese to keep winning.

Serena seems to get confused , Naomi is more confused.

Somewhere in this confusion Serena realizes that she has picked up Naomis racket unwittingly .

Throwing caution to the winds ,now not caring about the score in the tennis match, She wants to send Naomi back with one racket less than what she had arrived.

Serena now smashes the racket into the ground.

The referee is now in the game and decides to award 1 point to Naomi to compensate for the loss of a raquet.


Serena now starts talking to herself and calling herself names.

Referee thinks its not healthy and tries to reduce Serena’s workload. He awards a free game without playing of any tennis by both players.

The crowd starts booing the referee.

Serena assumes that it is cheering her and graciously asks the crowd to cheer Naomi in the confusing end to this years womens final at the US open.

Post match conference

She gleefully asks the crowds to send a neutral observer to count the raquets in both players bags to decide the winner- but well that’s another story.


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