Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Photography 

This course Diploma in Photography explores the creative and technical aspects of film making & photography within a wide variety of settings. With an emphasis on hands-on training, you will have access to industry standard digital cameras and film production equipment, enabling you to learn the techniques to ensure that the projects you work on and the visions you imagine, can become realities. This course is designed to develop quality photographers and filmmakers, you will gain all the essential skills and knowledge working independently and collaboratively on productions allowing you to graduate with a high technical skill to get you going as professional photographer or an ability to work on any film set across the world.

Semester 1

Motion Graphics

Course Objective: This course focuses on communication & design for motion. Students will learn to conceptualize, design and produce innovative visual communication solutions using motion. Motion Graphic Design introduces students to the principles and elements of motion design through studio practices at beginning and advanced levels.

Learning Outcome: The first phase, “type in motion”, emphasizes on the relationship between typography principles and animation fundamentals. Students pass out from this program will be able to start as a Junior Compositor, Roto Artist, Paint Artist, Junior 3D Compositor, Image Editor & Motion Graphics Artist.

Photography & Image Editing

Course Objective: The course in Photography is specifically designed to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are essential in order to achieve photographic goals. The course is geared towards aspiring professionals and passionate enthusiasts. This course sets you on the path to a successful career in the field of photography and also develop your skill as an enthusiast.

Learning Outcome: The completion of this course will help students develop into a photographer, colorist, DI artist & Visualizer.

Semester 2

Digital Film Making Techniques

Course Objective: This module has been specially created for producing a new generation of filmmakers Digital filmmaking is the norm these days, enabling filmmakers to blend art and digital media and speed up the process of filmmaking as well as be more creative and enterprising in the special effects department.

Learning Outcome: Develop into a filmmaker with the necessary digital film making skills. Students will find that breaking into the industry isn’t just less expensive, but getting your work out there is easier.

Production & Distribution

Course Objective: This class focuses on pre-production, production, post-production and Distribution.

Learning Outcome: Students will know how to organize production cast, crew, location and develop final film.


  • 12th / High School / Equivalent
  • Basic knowledge & interest in the chosen field of study
  • Good Communication Skills

Course Fee: ₹1,10,000/-

  • 6M Course in Photography & Digital Production – Fee: ₹55,000
  • 6M Course in Film Production Techniques – Fee: ₹55,000

Please Note: Course Fee is exclusive of GST


Parvatibai Chowgule College-Tigers Studio, Gogol, Margao-Goa.

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