This write up is very important in recognizing yourself. Let me put this forth “You” are “you” ! Confused? The answer is simple you can be who you want to be.I want to be Rich Successful happy are these things running through your mind? these are all outcomes you wish to achieve at the finish line.

The first thing you need to do is examine the Question who am I?,and I want to be? Ask any Successful individual and he or she will tell you they never became successful overnight or whit one big idea that just changed their life, they will tell you a lot of hard work struggle was endured, but one thing they all had in common was that they saw the finish line at a the distance almost like a mere fuzzy image, yet their end result was big enough to blaze in their sights.we all have an execution plan, planing our lives right from the time we can think independently, we all create this illusion we never end up attaining, where we go wrong is lacking self belief.We are so fixated on wishing rather than working, we are spiraling in an endless pursuit of happiness.

Let’s take a step back, when we were little. Im sure we can relate to this “I want to become an Engineer”, “I want to be become a Doctor”, “I want to be an Astronaut”, all of us little men with big Dreams. Then there were the exceptions who everybody looked upon as lacking a dream a career that society dictates. The Ones that had dreams of becoming a driver, a janitor or even a shopkeeper. Have we fulfilled your little dream?It’s not your fault if you have not as the world is changing at a pace where it is confusing to us, we have so much to choose from we do not know what we want for ourselves anymore.

Here is one way to step towards yor goal. Just ask yourself one question are you happy where you are now? your job, your wellbeing or waking up everyday and looking forward to the day.Remember you are the Master of you, societial norms should take a back seat.,when we are doing something we enjoy we are letting ourselves be happy.If you think Money is equal to happiness think again, It is a sad truth that the world runs on money and not happiness, but keep in mind even after having it all we are not content, have we thought of doing something we really love, so tha when we look back at the end of the Day we can really be glad what we have accomplished.Our view are so twisted that we are looking at whats missing in our lives rather than being grateful for the plenty we have.

Nothing and no one can make us happy. It is upto us as individuals to chooses to be happy, when we do so we are vibrating happiness around and we receive it twice fold.

The Key point coming across is “you make you”. Nobody can define you, what you are what you want to be, and what you should be. Be real and a dreamer at the same time, believe in yourself and most of all be great full for all you have, and choose to be Happy. Change begins with us so let us choose to be the better.


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