As much as it may seem glamorous to you, the Life of Cabin Crew comes with a lot of responsibilities and daily activities. I don’t really have a fixed schedule. I might have to start work before sunrise and sometimes when everyone is returning back from work. It’s fun if you love flying but you also need to know that as a cabin crew I have the responsibility of the safety And security of people travelling with us at about 35, 000 feet! What fascinates me the most is that we don’t have a daily routine life. That’s why you have to be versatile and flexible if you want to take up this job. Each day is a different day for you when you’re flying, with every passing day you’re taking a different route. This job is a very demanding job, so you have to plan your day well in advance so you are ready for your tasks when you are on duty. So let’s get an insight of how I prepare everything if I have a flight the following day.


Before I head to bed I need to make sure that all my things are in order, which means I am talking about my uniform, shoes, my cabin bag etc. If I am going to have layover then I have to pack my bigger layover case as well. then I make sure I get some good rest juts before my flight because I usually have to wake up 4 hours prior to my duty, which means Cabin crew have to sleep really early! Once I wake up, since I kept everything ready the previous day, I’ll have a quick shower, have my breakfast or maybe any meal depending on the time of the day, as I said earlier, no fixed routine! Then I’ll do my hair and makeup to get the airhostess look and this is what excites me the most. Even though people are always flying to different destinations, there is always that element of glamor when you’re cabin crew wearing the uniform of a well-known brand.

Once I report to duty, I will meet my colleagues’ i.e. the other crew- oh yes! And not to forget, every day you will be working with different people. New faces all the time. Before the flight we begin with our daily briefings, Discussing passenger loads, flights times and reviewing some safety and first aid procedures. All this enables you to get started for your day on board. So when all the flights checks are done, we are all set to board. My main task at the beginning starts with greeting all the passengers while they are boarding the flight at the entrance, guiding them to their seats and assisting them with their baggage. After this we close the doors, secure the cabin, perform the mandatory safety demo for the flight and by that time we are already taxing on the runway. I love it when the flight takes off, though this happens every day in my life, it somehow creates this sense of excitement within me. Once we take off and are released from our seats, it’s time for the inflight service to begin. This is my favorite part of my job as it allows me to interact with all the passengers when giving them my service. Speaking to different people from various cultures gives me this deep sense of joy. And this is not just restricted to the passengers but to my fellow crew mates as well. These are the people you spend more time with in the sky rather than your family and friends. It becomes your second home. It’s hilarious but yes, I have made some of my closest friends here in the sky.


While all this is happening, there goes the announcement, “Cabin crews prepare the cabin for landing”. Time flies so fast on board that you don’t even realize it since you are so busy with all your tasks. Once the flights lands, the seatbelt signs are off, the passengers disembark and then we as crew need to check the flight, for any left behind to handle it to the ground service and make sure everything is tidy and in place for the next flight and then we are done for the day. Isn’t it fascinating, all of this is like a jigsaw puzzle, without one part of it we cannot complete. In the same way how so many people are involved in the success of a flight? Our entire team of crew, the airport staff, security staff, and the passengers. This job is never going to give you the boredom blues. Every day is a new day in the Aviation industry.


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