Margao Market offers a great deal for guests and local people. It has astonishing atmosphere and a wide assortment of products. You can purchase honest to goodness valid Goan items here, including things utilized day by day by local people, vegetables, meat, flavors, pieces of clothing, textures, nearby specialties produced using bamboo, straw or grass, woodwork, stoneware and metalware, across the board area.


Travelers love this place yet the main downside is the bazaar weaves through tight paths, extending the distance from the principle square to the old railroad station. Meandering through the bazaar, you can get normal Goan memorabilia, collectibles, and trinkets. Browse a wide array of handcrafted goods, where vendors sell everything from ornamental souvenirs and antiques, to many types of clothing and accessories. Take the opportunity to pick up some local produce, as well, with colorful spices, fresh fish, and fruit and vegetables on sale in abundance. Remember that haggling is part of the daily commerce here, so don’t be afraid to name your price. Afterwards, try out some local cuisine at one of the many reputable restaurants nearby.There is more to Goa than seashells and port wine.

This large market in South Goa is the best place to bargain for cheap alcohol and local delicacies like bebinca. For those who come to the city for extended periods of time, the covered market here is a must. Located right at the heart of Margao, it is one of the largest and most raucous in Goa. This is the best place to head for fresh fruit and vegetables at bargain market prices, and it was where you could also get cheap clothing, handbags and shoes at affordable rates. Now, with the New Municipal market, this older section has shrunk a little but is still a complex maze of shops and stalls with plenty to offer the serious shopper. Pick up cashewnuts or trinkets for children from here. During Christmas time, you can find plenty of stalls selling a variety of paper stars to hang on your verandah. Open daily from 10am to 8pm.


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