Ever since news broke of the new cruise ship being launched last year, tourists, aquaphiles and travel enthusiasts alike have been eagerly waiting for a chance to sail across the konkan coastline. After over a year of waiting, ‘Angriya’ is all set to take its maiden voyage on 3rd October from the drifting terminal of the Mumbai Port. Here’s what you can expect from the overnight journey onboard.

The cruise ship Angriya, is owned by Angriya Sea Eagle Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the Goan ecotourism company, Sea Eagle Cruises. The company have been around in the Goan tourism market for more than 7 years. Being a company that has always tried to get more eyes on ecotourism and the biodiversity in Goa, they are now looking to tap into the leisure travel market with an eye on local as well as foreign tourists.


Having a top cost of Rs. 7000 for each passenger, the ship will begin its first sail from Mumbai domestic terminal. In comparison to other modes of transportation like buses, trains, and even flights, the cruise sail is a bit expensive. The cruise ship offers a large range of luxury solutions to its customers at only Rs 7, 000 to get a person. It offers two meals plus a brunch.The cruise boat had many luxuries such as swimming pool, spacious deck and a perspective of Konkan shore. The captain of the boat is Nitin Dhond who will teach and instruct the guests around the boat. The ship also includes a enormous restaurant which can offer accommodation to approximately 350 members at a moment.

A sofa is connected to a few of those restaurants is perfect suited to wedding receptions and for official conventions and off-shore meetings particularly for corporate clients.


There are seven types of chambers but in accordance with the manager Siddharth Newalkar, manager, Sea Eagle Cruises and also the prices is not yet been adjusted for many of them. He told FE,”We shall assess the requirement once we begin marketing the railroad, dependent on what we’ll firm up our cost points. On the other hand, the base cost is likely to be 7,000.”

The cruise has been constructed targeting the national and overseas tourists. The boat also includes a recreation area, state-of-the-art lounge within it.

As stated by the Goa tourism section, the country remains a favorite cruising destination with overseas cruise ships such as Goa in their itineraries. In an average, the country has been getting between 15-20 cruise ships each year.

The country is also fostering Charter flights that were growing day-by-day. For FY18, the country had received 808 flights taking 2.2 lakhs passengers until the very first week of March.

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