Facebook witnessed its worst security breach with over 50 million accounts compromised. The social media giant observed the attack in the last week of September wherein attackers used a feature in Facebook’s code that granted them get admission to customers’ bills, and also impacted many other apps, where the user was signed in using their Facebook login, which would include Android and iOS apps.

There are almost 270 million Facebook users in India according to Statista Website. Therefore the scores of Indians on Facebook are likely to be among the 50 million victims of a breach that exposed accounts and even linked third-party apps to hackers, say, experts.

Unlike previous data leaks, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in March, this was the first known instance in Facebook’s history of hackers stealing millions of “access tokens,” the keys that allow them to take over an account, including information that users bar from the public.

According to Facebook, the attackers had used a computer virus in the web page’s ‘view as’ feature, which permits users to view their personal profiles as it might be seen with the aid of other users. In addition to the tens of millions of accounts that were compromised, Facebook also forced another forty million users to log back into the service, because they used the “View As” feature recently and might have been compromised.

“We’re taking it truly significantly. we have a prime protection attempt at the organization that hardens all of our surfaces,” said Mark Zuckerberg after the assault was determined.

“I’m glad we determined this. however, it actually is a difficulty that this passed off within the first location,” – Mark Zuckerberg

While Facebook says it has fixed the vulnerability, it has not confirmed what information hackers managed to access or steal. Facebook has also alerted those who were logged out of their accounts about the privacy breach and asked them to update their passwords.


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