Drawing & Painting

Art Programs will tap your imagination, stimulate learning, social interaction, and more. This course is designed for students who are looking to enhance their  drawing skills. The classes are intended for those who are looking for a more challenging experience.This program teaches students the fundamentals of Art & Design which will stimulate student’s creativity and imagination. Students are prepared with the theoretical framework and hands-on technical skills needed to organize, design and communicate ideas and information in the 21st-century global market.

This comprehensive course teaches students to use: Pencil, pen & ink, watercolours, oils, acrylics and gouache – and to draw and paint landscapes, portraits, life drawing, illustration and much more. The course designed to give both starters and more experienced artists who feel they lack some basic techniques, the opportunity to acquire the practical skills necessary to learn which areas they enjoy most – with a view to concentrating more on these aspects of art in the future.


Drawing leaves – Drawing different types of leaves on paper

Pictorial Design – Composing Drawings of different types leaves on paper in a given space 8”x8”

Pictorial Design – Rendering the pictorial design in color

Print making with leaves – Printing different textures of leaves on paper on 8”x8”


Drawing basic geometric shapes – Drawing basic geometric shapes on paper

Pictorial Design – Composing Drawings basic geometric shapes on paper in a given space 8”x 8

Pictorial Design – Rendering the pictorial design in color. Using different color schemes.ie. primary, secondary, warm, cool)

Painting on paper – Composing different geometric forms, use of different textures, using different color scheme paint the basic geometric forms on paper 15’’x 20’’


Drawing different forms to create a design – Create a design with different forms 8”x 8”

Coloring the design – Using different color scheme

Making of stencil – Making stencils of the forms used in the design in 8”x 8”

Creating design with stencil prints – Use of different textures, techniques, colors on 20”x 15” paper)


Create different design patterns – Drawing design patterns on paper. size variable

Making a stencil out of design – Cut a stencil of the drawn design patterns. size variable)

Taking prints with Designed stencil – Using different compositions, textures, techniques, color)

Taking stencil prints on large surface – Taking prints on a large surface 36”x36” canvas


Dripping techniques – Dripping oil paints on water, creating different patterns

Taking Prints on water – Techniques of taking prints, using different papers


Drawing the idea on glass – Drawing the idea on glass with glass pencil

Painting the drawing on glass – Painting on glass using reverse technique


Painting on glass using an image/photograph (Painting on glass using a reference image)

Printing the painted image on paper (Technique of printing from glass to paper)


Painting on a large surface – Create your art work in your style on a large surface. Using drawing or painting, different materials, techniques.

  • All the materials required to work in the studio will be provided by us, Students are required to buy these basic materials to work at home.
  • Pencils 2b, 6b, 10b
  • Rubber
  • Cutter
  • Geometry Compass box
  • Steel ruler 12 inch
  • Brushes (round and flat)
  • Colors (poster, acrylic)
  • Papers
  • Canvases


  • 12th / High School / Equivalent
  • Basic knowledge & interest in the chosen field of study
  • Good Communication Skills


Parvatibai Chowgule College-Tigers Studio, Gogol, Margao-Goa.

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