A photograph is a memory of travel; it transports you back in time. And when photography becomes your career, travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. So why not let travel steer your career? Let your travel convey a story through your love for photography. And what better way to travel the world and earn simultaneously than joining the cruise lines? and if cruise line photography is the job your hunting for then, here as some facts for you.

You must have heard the saying, “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.” What if travelling was free? And along with your free travel you were paid for it? Just imagine yourself travelling the world, being one in nature and capturing all your memories with a click of your camera.

The job vocation for cruise line photography is a fun-filled experience. Your life on board will also depend on the team you will be working with and it’s definitely a journey of a lifetime.  You would be meeting people from different parts of the world and even share bunk beds with them.

We all know how to use a phone camera or even a DSLR, but very few of us know how to make the best use of it. Only professional photographers can provide you with the best outcome for your pictures. In the department of cruise line photography, it is your job to create photos that passengers can’t do themselves.  So when passengers come to click pictures at the front deck of the ship for a Titanic pose, or pose at the anchor with a friendly pirate or ask for photos of the tropical show with the dancers or photos in the restaurant, in cruise line photography, it is the job of the photographer to provide the passenger with required photographs. Once finished with all the photo sessions, they would be required to be printed instantly so that the company can achieve quicker sales.

Advantages of Cruise line Photography:

One should always work hard and party even harder and life onboard should be no less than a party. It is just amazing and spectacular. To enjoy the sea every day, feel it, and listen to it is just unforgettable. Life on board can influence you in a big way, you can get addicted to so many things, like the sea, or a disco night at the crew bar, you don’t have to cook your own food, or even make your own bed. You would be visiting different parts of the world every other weekend.

Working on the cruise line it is a definite option for a short-term job. It allows you to gain experience in the photographic industry, as well you can add to your portfolio and can gain employment to your CV.  Most cruise line photographers are technically freelancers. You will be contacted by a photography agency to take images for a set period of time. If accepted by an agency you will often have to pay a bond, to cover for your uniform and repatriation in the event of something going wrong.

While it may sound all rosy, keep in mind nothing is every rosy! It is a brutal world out there that is ready to suck the life out of you. The working hours of a cruise line photographer can go on for 10 – 14 hours per day.  While a typical day may start at 7 a.m. capturing passengers on board as well as leaving the ship in port, it can take some time in the Photoshop to actually selling the prints.

By evening you could be shoot people dining in multiple cousins the ship has to offer or even take portraits in the studio. And probably at the end of the night, you’d probably be asked by the photography team to help in printing and collating. It’s quite sure that you will not finish before 1 a.m.

Learning skills in Cruise line Photography:

Being a cruise line photographer has its perks though. If you stick at the job you will definitely rise through the ranks.  You earn almost INR. 50,000/- per month plus some photographers make it in order to manage the photographic concession while others may leave after one contract find the job isn’t fitting for them.

The big advantages of being a cruise line photographer is that, there are much more creative possibilities with the photography, especially when producing the cruise video, it is more interesting and varied itineraries and a more personal relationship with the passengers.

Cruise line photography proves to be a good working ground for any aspiring photographer. One can learn a good number of skills and serves well in your photographic career. You will learn to work under pressure and overcome it.

You will learn to

  • Set up a photo studio with basic lighting,
  • Shoot more than a 1000 people
  • Have those prints on the photo stands by the next morning.
  • You will also learn the best way to handle a camera in different situations.

An important aspect of cruise line photography is that you will learn to deal with customers. While most cruise line passengers can be a delight to work with, others could be equally horrible. No matter what the outcome, you have to deal with them in a courteous manner. It proves to be a very good experience for those who have plans for setting up their own outlets in the future.

Working as on board as a cruise line photographer will help you manage your concession and learn important lessons on time management, leadership skills, marketing and planning schedules. But above everything else, you will gain experience in the commercial photographic environment sector.

So now that you have gained all the required knowledge for becoming a cruise line photographer, what’s stopping you? Go travel the world with a click of your camera


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