If you feel travelling the world is your calling, but you still want to make a living for yourself and at the same time you want to enjoy yourself, then a world aboard of cruise line careers will be perfect for you. Almost in every port in every country, there are cruise ships that are constantly looking for eager individuals to hop on board and join the team in one of the many cruise employment opportunities offered. No matter what the profession on board, whether your part of the hotel staff or an instructor or you’re looking into the career of a gourmet chef, cruise ship employment will definitely be your best bet.

Cruising is one of the fastest means of growing sectors of tourism, which is already the world’s largest industry. There are over 30 new cruise ships being built in current times, including the Queen Mary II for Cunard. This means that there are an ever-increasing number and range of jobs for people with vastly different skills and experience to work at sea.

Types of cruise lines

Working on a cruise line, you will first and foremost need to understand the various types of cruises and cruise line employment that is on offer.  Most countries around the world offer ocean liner cruises, but you can also find companies that offer exciting river cruises for example. Some cruise lines mainly travel around Europe, and The Americas, while there are some others who only aim for the exotic islands of the Caribbean. The best thing to do is when you become a member, decide where you would like to work and later find companies offering cruise ship jobs in that specific area. You can also find cruise liner employment even if you want to be land-based. There are tons of jobs at the ports where many of the large cruise liners have private lodges and recreation centres for their guests during land excursion part of the cruise.

One other factor to consider when working on cruise ships is the minimum age. Most cruise ships are mostly reluctant to hire anyone under 21, though some 18, 19 and 20-year-olds have found suitable employment.

Most cruise lines are like mini cities holding around 2,000 to 4,000 passengers on board along with a staff reaching over 3,000, looking at the number you can just imagine the multitude of jobs that are required. For most of the jobs in demand, the experience is required. And you will want to have that experience, as you will be working right from the moment you step on board. As they say, a cruise ship is like a floating hotel, many positions are the same, but a cruise ship has a few more, like of course the Captain and his team.

Types of jobs on board on a cruise ship:


Bartender, chef jobs, kitchen staff, waiters, manager,

Hotel Facilities:

cabin crew, housekeeping, reception, manager, butlers, Cruise Staff, Customer Service Representative

Leisure Center:

Instructors, lifeguards, activity leaders, entertainment staff, dance instructors, youth staff


personal trainers, workers

Salon and Spa Jobs:

massage therapist, hair stylist

Land Excursion Team:

a tour guide, seaman, recreation staff

Merchant Marine Jobs:

captain, mates, able seaman, deckhands

Engine Department:

chief, DDE, assistant engineer, oiler, wiper


cashiers, managers, bookkeepers, sales


dealers, security, hospitality, dancers, singers


production manager, director, actors, comedians, dancers, lighting, sound engineer, backstage crew, host, photographer, disk jockey, singers

Working Hours

A cruise line journey runs 24 hours per day. Indeed, even the day it returns into port and the visitors clear out. That exceptionally same day the new visitors please board and the ship sets cruise once more. You don’t have a day away from work. You will work regular of the week for the length of your agreement, which can be up to 9 months. Your hours may differ from every day, in the event that the ship is in port or adrift, however, can fluctuate from 8 to 16 hours, the longest hours are on embarkation day/pivot day.  In the middle of contracts, you have around 2 months off.


On the cruise lines, you can earn an average of $1500 to $6000 (tax-free!) and even more depending on the type of job you are currently doing. For the higher earning positions, the experience is needed. Expect to start off at a lower salary. But you have no bills, room and board are included and you have hardly any other expenses, so you will be saving a lot of money.

Room & Board

In cruise line jobs, depending on the position, there is a good chance you will share a small cabin and sleep in a bunk bed. An inside cabin will mean no window. You will be eating in the crew mess, not with the guests. All meals are included and will be provided in buffet style. With some positions, you do have the privilege to eat in guest areas, but you have to be in uniform, which means guests will come up to you during your break.


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