Butterfly Beach

Goa is a land of beautiful coastlines and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Right from the north to the south, it is our beaches that bring in people from all parts of the world, to come and witness the beauty of our beautiful state. These natural shores are in every sense, the true treasures of our state. But among these treasures, lies one very beautiful and rarely untouched jewel: The Butterfly Beach.

Where is this?

Butterfly beach is located in the taluka of Canacona and is at distance of around 65 kilometers from Panaji. From the city of Margao, it lies at distance of just about 40 kilometers. Situated towards the northern end of Palolem Beach, people often misinterpret Butterfly Beach as Butterfly Island. This is because many tourists, who visit this hidden gem, are ferried to it via boat rides and that gives them the impression that it is an island. But to make things clear for all of us, IT IS NOT AN ISLAND.

So how do you get there?

Boat rides: Although there aren’t any public transportation that could take you directly to the beach, you could take a bus or cab/taxi to Palolem Beach. From Palolem Beach you could then take a boat ride to Butterfly Beach. You could also head first to Agonda Beach by land transport and then take a boat ride to the destination. The boat ride to and from Butterfly Beach would cost you something around Rs. 1000-1200, although we’d suggest you up your bargaining skills to get a cheaper rate with the ferrymen.

Trekking: Another alternative to the sea route would be taking a two hour long trek through a forest before you get to the beach. So for all you adventure addicts, this is the one for you.  The trek begins somewhere around five kilometres from Palolem on the way to Agonda. On your route to the trek you’ll come across a lot of thick forests with a few houses amidst the woods. In the months between December and January you’ll find the local men preparing Goa’s very famous alcoholic drink: Feni. You should know that you’ve almost reached your destination when you can hear the sound of the waves hit a few rocks.

What’s special about Butterfly Beach?

Dolphin sightings: There are a lot of places across Goa wherein you can spot dolphins in the waters but that could be very limited or no sightings at all. On a good day, you could catch a glimpse of few of the dolphins diving out and into the seas but that isn’t the case with Butterfly Beach. A place whose natural waters are rich in aquatic life, you could easily have a splendid view of numerous acrobatic dolphins playing gleefully in the waters around the island.

Boat rides: You could enjoy the boat riding services offered there and travel to nearby beaches offered by the ferrymen. You could also enjoy canoe rides in the little streams and in the surrounding waters along the beach.

Marine life: Butterfly Beach is also a home to a diverse species of flora and fauna. Here, you can see some of the most exotic crabs and goldfishes. This is mostly the case during the low tides wherein a lot of crustaceans are washed upon the sea shore. Other than these, you can also find aa lot of Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, small Starfishes and Red Fishes along the shore.

Butterflies: As the name suggests, Butterfly Beach is also famous for a lot of butterflies that can be viewed across the hillside. Apparently, it was given the name Butterfly Beach by the tourists as in the earlier days, when the trees on the hillside near the beach bloomed, a lot of butterflies could be seen here.

The trek: The almost one and a half hour long foot journey in itself is a great experience especially if you are real adventure junkie. As said earlier, the trek takes you through some mesmerising dense forests. You’d have to scale about three small hills in this trek although, with the right group of friends and company, you could do it with ease. Amidst the forest you could catch a sight of some rice paddies. You may also have to cross a few streams while making your way through the journey. An essential part in not getting lost in the forests is adhering to the white signs that point you in the direction of the beach.

You might find a few locals going about by their daily business, so in case you do wander off a bit, you could always ask them for help and they’d be ever glad to do so.

Tranquillity: Due to its limited accessibility and only a few modes of transport to the beach, this place is perfect for people who want to be away from the bustling and lively beaches. This is indeed a rather less explored place and you’d find very few people here. If there are any tourists, you’d find them calmly soaking in the Sun or having a quick swim close to the shore or just  enjoying the peace of mind.

The view:  Without a doubt, one thing that stands out about this place is the sights and the scenic beauty. When the day is almost ending and dusk beckons, the sunsets that you can view from these shores and from the high rocks is simply breathtaking.

Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you carry your own food and drinks and other necessities along with you because there aren’t any stores in the vicinity.
  2. Not usually the case, but you may have to swim a certain portion of the distance from the boat to the beach.
  3. Taking any vehicles (even ATVs) would be inadvisable as you have to cross steep climbs and a few water bodies.
  4. Don’t miss out on the butterflies on the hilltops and the dolphins especially if you opt for a boat ride.
  5. IMPORTANT: Please do not litter.

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