An all new superhero is all set to break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Captain Marvel hits the big screen March of 2019. Marvel Studios released an official trailer for the movie, loaded with fun little Easter eggs and storyline hints.

Captain Marvel will be the first solo female superhero movie with Academy award-winner Brie Larsson dawning the blue red and gold super suit. Marvel’s first female superhero movie will also get its first ever female director, Anna Boden. With her and co-director Ryan Fleck at the helm, we can expect a different tone to the movie compared to others in the MCU so far. The writing team will also consist of two women, Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauvre, best known for their excellent work on movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Inside Out, respectively. The movie is set in a time when the Krie and Skrull civilization were at war, SHIELD was still in its infancy and Earth was still discovering that we’re not alone. A “renegade soldier” crashes on Earth and discovers that she’s been here before.

This film seems to have it all, from wall to wall action, engaging story line and appearances from a young Phil Coulson and a two eyed Director Nick Fury. I know I’ll be watching this one! How about you?


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