As soon as you walk into the Restaurant of Bell Peppers, you are welcomed with a sight of extravagant cakes, snacks and desserts. The place is lit up with a touch of warm lighting that sets a mark for a good ambience. And while waiting on your order you could also enjoy a good read along with their signature ‘Shakes by Straws’.

This innovative chain of amazing fusion delicacies is currently being curated by partners Divya and Sarvesh who are looking into turning Bell Peppers into a multi-cuisine franchise brand, catering to all the needs and cravings of people with different taste buds. Their flagship outlet consists of a small but spacious sitting area with two large sofas at the ends of the restaurant, along with a couple of tables as well. It proves to be a good place to socialise and interact.

Situated almost at the end of Aquem, Bell Peppers seems determined to make a mark for itself by creating a multi-cuisine restaurant that can serve desserts, pizza, kinds of pasta and other signature snacks; tagged alongside with an indulgence into the Indian cuisine known as Tapri. On a busy day at Bell Papers, you can find the restaurant completely filled out, but eventually, the food is definitely worth the wait.

When it comes to the menu, Bell Peppers is definitely a one-stop destination. If you’re looking for some really good in-house pizzas and homemade desserts, breakfast, lunch or even dinner, Bell Peppers is definitely the place to be at, tied together with their signature in-house shakes “Straws”. The pizzas served at Bell Peppers is definitely in my top 10 best pizzas I’ve ever tasted. They are proving to be strong competitors even to the age-old franchise brands like ‘Dominos’ and ‘Pizza Hut’. With Bell Peppers, you can be assured that ‘what you see is what you get’. It sticks to the promises in terms of food presentations and gets most of their flavours right.

I also tried their in-house custard filled Eclair, and it proves to be very promising with a lasting taste of the sweetness of the custard. It was creamy and gooey with a hint of chocolate just as an Éclair should look and taste like. It can almost fall into the competition ‘Zilla Bakery’ who are also well known for their custard filled chocolate Eclair. From this I can say, Bell Peppers easily becomes the restaurant to look out for.

The highlight of my meal was the Chicken Biryani from their Indian street counter ‘Tapri’. The rice was moist and long and the chicken was juicy and tender. The whole meal was packed with amazing flavours steaming out from the rice and chicken incorporated with a spicy gravy topped off with some mint and roasted onions. It was spicy and tangy and the taste was incredible. Bell Pepper also has a great value for money since it is satisfying and wholesome.

At Bell Peppers, get ready to be blown away with their really creative and amazing street food and in-house dishes and keep an eye on their take away shakes “Straws” that will be out soon that will cater to a wider audience, so prepare to be bowled.

-Priyanka Afonso.


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