The aviation industry is filled with adventure and glamour making it difficult to leave behind this glamorous life. The thrill of meeting new people from different countries and even forming a lasting friendship can make one re-think their decision. But, as it is said, progress is impossible without change and change is a must for progress.

The aviation industry has varied sections of employees that work tirelessly which in turn makes the industry work seamlessly. Right from the ground staff to the aviation technicians to the flight attendants and pilots every one works on a tight schedule to make things work in a seamless manner. But what if, you aren’t satisfied with your job? What is if seek to break your monotonous career? What if you need a change?

A Flight attendant’s career is known to be adventurous, fascinating and involving. That’s certainly true! But, as the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever”. As evolving humans, we tend to move forward and seek for changes and progress in our lives. So, while choosing a career in the aviation industry, it is also good to know in advance what to expect after. For example, what are the skills and knowledge that will come in handy in the future? What are further career possibilities? And, finally, is it aviation or any other field that you would like to continue or start over your career in? Those are the questions to consider.

An aviation employee’s profession opens many further career opportunities

Staying in the aviation field

It is said that, once you step in the aviation industry, it becomes difficult for many to find their way back (it’s like a disease!). That is not a problem – an aviation employee’s profession opens many further career opportunities inside the aviation field by itself.

If you’re a flight attendant and feel like sharing your knowledge and experience with others, then, becoming an instructor for cabin crew training might be a perfect option for you. Teaching new trainees how to perform their duties and responsibilities as a flight attendant could be really interesting and inspiring practice to engage in.

As you constantly had to go through many different trainings while operating as a cabin crew member or an airline staff, you also had to know all the subtleties of this profession, you could contribute to improving and developing new aviation training programs.

A vast majority of airlines offer job positions as cabin crew or aviation staff recruiters. Here, the main task of the job is to help the airlines find new flight attendants. Your previous work experience will come through while screening candidates and making the hiring decisions. The most positive out come of this job is witnessing dreams turning into reality and quite a lot of happy faces.

Since all of the flight attendants are masters of time management, this quality could be useful in jobs where time planning and scheduling are required. For example, becoming a training manager – a person who schedules ground and practical flight training.

Exploring career opportunities outside

But the aviation field is not the limit – using your aviation career as a springboard, you are perfectly fit to find an employment in any other industries. You are free to explore them!

As an employee from the aviation industry, you have been surrounded by travelers all the time as well as you may have been traveling yourself while working. You already know many destinations and may have visited many hotels. This could be advantageous in the travel sector and hotel business. Any travel agency would be happy to have such an experienced tourism manager like you.

Your acquired hospitality and flexibility are something that any guest service manager at a hotel should have. Managers in this environment work with all sorts of customer concerns and you already have a huge background in that. You could do amazingly well in the administration department as well. As an experienced individual in hospitality and customer service you will play an important role on shaping up the reputation of the hotel that would be hiring you. The hotel industry is full of daunting challenges and if you’re up for it your past aviation career experience will make it much each easier for you.

You could even join the cruise lines. Think about it! You have all the traveling experience required, you’ve handled customer issues, and you’ll to traveling around the world again but this time by sea! There are plenty of job openings in the cruise line industry once you’ve given up your wings for the seas. You can land up becoming a manager of the restaurant or a hotel manager or a part of the house keeping department or if you were a part of the customer service, ticketing and administration in the aviation industry you can certainly try your luck for the same in the cruise lines. There are higher chances of you to be climbing up the ladder of success faster then the  rest of your colleagues in the cruise lines.  It would definitely be a journey of a life time.

Cruise lines have provided many jobs for the aviation industry

Just don’t be afraid to use your imagination, be open-minded and you will find your alternative career path.

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