There are nations, there are states, there are cities and then there are airports.

Airports represent them all – the cities, the states and the nations.

Airports are the entry to a country and its people. The new sights and sounds that greet the first time visitor create an indelible impression about his destination, the city, state and nation

In the third world, they represent islands of peace, cleanliness and beauty. Sometimes even safe havens in times of political turmoil.

In fact, in the movie ” The Terminal”, an airport becomes home for a passenger who suddenly, while en route, loses his identity as his nation gets derecognised due to political developments back home.

An airport brings in a state of awe and wonderment when you see the huge well-maintained areas of quietly running efficiency. Hushed waiting sleeping passengers, efficient caring groundstaff moving around with practised clockwork efficiency.

Have you noticed that there never seems to be any doubt ever in an employee at an airport?

Travelling around the world is almost everyone’s dream,  There is an automatic love towards travel and everything that comes with it. And if you’re interested in a travel related job, airlines and airport jobs are the first to beckon. Airport jobs are the best way to fulfil your desires of being in touch with the world of travel and well, meeting new people from all over the world, all walks of life, learn about their cultures and surely earn a handsome amount.

The airline industry is known to be a glamorous industry besides being enormously large.  You can witness people from different countries and different cultures working under one roof, as one family. There can never be a dull moment at an airport and the same goes for an airport job.

Working in an airport means you’ll be working as a part of a large varied team. These teams have varieties of roles with a need for different types of skills. You can pursue a customer service role such as becoming a flight attendant, baggage handler or airline ticket agent.

Or maybe you are more suited for a more technical role such as a pilot, navigator, mechanic, or engineer.

Or perhaps even, your skills lie in accounting, catering, finance, law or airport management. From entry-level to highly experienced, all employees work together to ensure customers get safely to their destinations.

There may be different factors that attract candidates to work at airport jobs.

Travelling opportunities are surely an attractive incentive for working at airport jobs. Even though working at airport jobs or working for an airline can be very demanding and stressful, there is no better industry for travel opportunities. Some jobs require extensive travel; pilots and flight attendants can visit as many as ten cities in several different countries in a one to five-day shift! Employees working for an airport or an airline (including those that don’t fly as part of their jobs) are generally offered discounted flights, making travelling to those sought-after destinations, much more feasible for them. Mostly, employees can travel for free or at a greatly reduced price on the airline they work for (space permitting).

Working at an airport means that you are a part of a dynamic, fast-paced industry and you’re a part of a bigger picture. You’re a part of helping things move and keep up with the speed at which things happen. Airport jobs are never boring, they offer variations on a daily basis, and you definitely don’t’ face boredom at least with the different types of culturally different people you meet. This is definitely a major reason why candidates are drawn to working at airports. It gives them the opportunity to interact with new people on a daily basis. Those who work at airport jobs enjoy the chance of meeting interesting people and ‘people watch’ with no two days being the same in terms of who comes through the airport.

Working at airport jobs can also shape your career. As a business, airports and airlines provide continuous developmental and career training towards their continuous endeavour for the best employee outcome. Along with annual reviews, some offer an annual financial incentive scheme to ensure that their employees’ contributions are recognized. While some airport jobs may offer fewer travel opportunities, they often make up for it with well-paid jobs along with excellent benefits. These benefits cover all the areas of an employee’s life, with a complete package of benefits.

Airports or airlines know how important it is for their employees to enjoy their life outside of work schedule and keeping that in mind they try to ensure happiness at work. For example, Airlines offers their employees with a Medical insurance; Life insurance; Personal accident / Workmen’s Compensation – insurance to ensure you are appropriately covered for medical treatment, emergencies and accidents whilst employed by the Group.   Airlines offer you, your family and friends to travel the world at discounted rates on their Airline and selected other airlines.  The Group also enables you to benefit from discounts on shopping, dining, entertainment, services, leisure and hotels from 1000’s of retailers in their hub cities and around the world.  And pension schemes are key too as airlines know that their employees will also need to plan for the future.

After reading the number of benefits of airlines and airport jobs, it is definitely not surprising that you may have decided that the airlines or airports are just the right industry for you. And once you have decided position matches your skills and interests, it’s now time to find that airlines or airport job you’ve been longing to work at!

In India, there are more than 300 airports of all sizes, with more than 550,000 airport jobs on offer.

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