The moment Wilbur and Orville Wright built and flew their first aeroplane, they created history. They created something so extraordinary, that previously it was considered impossible. They opened up a sea full of unseen and unheard opportunities. Years passed, and test flights turned into commercial flights, creating an increasing demand to travel. As travellers increased, there were vacancies to cater to the travellers and thus there was demand for flight attendants.  The first flight attendant ever, was a man called Heinrich Kubis in 1912, while the first lady air hostess was Ellen Church in 1930.

Ellen Church, born in Iowa was not only the first female air hostess, but she was also a certified pilot and a registered nurse. Not being allowed to fly, she recommended that nurses be hired to perform some of the tasks then handled by co-pilots, like hauling luggage and handing out lunches, as well as to help put the public at ease about the dangers of flying on the clunky, crash-prone early passenger planes.

To most people, the sky is the limit, but to those who love aviation, the sky is home. And if you find your home in the skies, let your dreams come true flying around the world.  So what better way to fulfil your dreams than becoming an air hostess!

While the job of an air hostess is considered to be a glamorous one, it is definitely much more than that. It is an interesting job where one gets to travel around the world and meet new people and explore other cultures from all around the world. The job of an air hostess is prestigious and a well paid one, that covers all your health insurances.

How many people get to travel for free without paying any kind of money, be it for travel, stay, or food? None! unless you’ve won a lottery. But if travelling the world was your lifelong dream than being an air hostess will fulfil your dream, that too free of any charges. You travel the world without paying a single penny but instead, you earn from it. And if you’re lucky enough you may even be acquainted with a celebrity or even fall in love with a rich businessman. It is an interesting way of meeting new people, learning about their culture, and if you meet a traveller like you, you are in for some really great travel experiences.

This proves to be a good opportunity to improve one’s social skills as well as become a great team player and an excellent team leader. You as an air hostess will learn to be more patient and tolerant to different types of people of different ages. It would help you become more understanding towards other people.

Travelling around the world will make you street smart. You will learn about different cities and countries and that will help increase your general knowledge. It’s well known that cabin crew love to party and travel, and once a destination has been reached, it’s all about having fun and exploring the city –  whether that’s at a luxurious cocktail bar or an exotically located Irish pub. Instead of buying a travel guidebook just ask cabin crew for some tips, or better yet, tag along on their nights out.

While the life of an air hostess looks glamourous it comes with a baggage of stress, exhaustion and pressure. An air hostess experiences a lot of physical stress due to standing for long flying hours. The air hostess has to be on her toes throughout the journey, as the job responsibilities include assisting passengers to find their seats, informing them about safety rules, serving them food and drinks, retrieving bags and so on.

One may even be required to work on weekends and even on holidays, which means one may miss birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, or other occasions to celebrate. So you can bye to celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family.

Though an air hostess may face long flight hours and can face exhaustion, the great thing about the aviation industry is that the flying hours are highly regulated. The crews at every aircraft abide by a set of minimum and maximum hours monthly. Transporting people is definitely a crucial job that requires utmost safety so it only follows that the crew isn’t overworked to the point of fatigue.

Being an air hostess or just being part of the cabin crew comes with great compensation. More than just the travel perks, the salary of an air hostess is also higher than the national average with an average pay of INR. 5,50,000 – 8,25,000. Aside from this, the job is complemented by an extensive health and retirement benefits.

So if you’ve decided to become an air hostess keep in mind you will be trained for any possible event that can happen onboard. Survival training is one of the many skills in the cabin crew’s toolkit. You will be trained on how to create a shelter, gather food, find safe drinking water and attract help in the Arctic, jungle, rainforests and deserts, which means, the safety of your passengers lies in your hands.

A strong rule implemented in the job profile of an air hostess is that you are prohibited to drink the night before the flight. All cabin crew will be subjected to all kinds of alcohol and drugs testing before a flight as it is illegal to be intoxicated on an aircraft, meaning stewards must be booze-free for at least 12 hours before take-off.

Talking about rules, as an air hostess, once you’re issued with a uniform, that’s it – you can’t exchange it for a size bigger if you’ve put on a few extra pounds.  The airline in charge will give you one month to lose the weight, or else you will be put on a weight management programme. Another rule put out is that, before embarking on every journey, the air hostess, as well as the whole cabin crew, undergo a briefing with the senior cabin crew member, in which they are asked two emergency procedure questions and one medical. Failure to answer correctly means being taken off the flight. No Pressure!

Finally depending on your career goals and personality and aspirations, if being an air hostess can fulfil them, then you should go ahead with your dreams of flying and not let anything come in between. Should you land work with larger airlines, you’ll get other more valuable perks like shopping discounts, bigger per diem, and free accommodations, to name just a few! So go forth and conquer the skies!

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