About Us

As part of the Skill development mission the Chowgule group has set up The Chowgule Center for Applied & Professional Studies (CCAPS). This centers mission is to provide skill development courses that guarantee job placement to potential candidates thereby bridging the gap between industry needs and employee skills. The center was established in February of 2016 and has been providing skilled employees to industries since its conception.


The Chowgule Center for Applied & Professional Studies believes in a flexible delivery mechanism (part time, weekends, full time, onsite/ offsite) to suit the needs of various target groups. There are different levels of programmes (Foundation level as well as skill upgradation), they also Create a platform for internships and developing internship programs in house as well as external employers.


Some of the key skill areas the center wishes to enhance is the Creative fields such as Drawing & Painting, Photography, 3D Animation, Sound, Film Making and Graphics Design. Besides the creative fields the Chowgule Center for Applied & Professional Studies also is up-to-date with industry requirements for Digital Marketing Specialists.

Besides dwelling into skilled education and training The Chowgule Center for Applied & Professional Studies also has a professional Studio “The Tigers Studio”, which is a full-fledged Digital and creative services provider with expertise from industry leaders and state of the art equipment and facilities.


The Tigers Studio provides 360 degree services to client’s right from the conceptualization stage of brand building through Logo designs, website designs to corporate promotions, walkthroughs, TV Advertisement creations, flyer designs and more. The studio has potential for partnerships with corporates covered in creating content, building brand awareness through Digital marketing and Social Media. We have an expert team of Digital Marketers working round the clock to convert promotional activities into a profitable business. The center set up in the state of Goa, where there is an ever growing presence of tourism, the center has now started Aviation, Hospitality and culinary programs to satisfy the demand for tourism related industry professionals.


The future vision of The Chowgule Center for Applied & Professional Studies is to become a world class institution that identifies & creates skilling and career enhancement training in strategic partnerships with local, national & global Industry partners. The center also seeks to be an integrated services provider in the state of Goa for all creative and digital services.