The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is a cousins  rivalry and  one of the most interesting extreme and intensified sports rivalries in the world. The citizens of both the countries make it a point to free themselves from their busy schedule in order to see the match, between India and Pakistan and the  reason is that we are in the core ,cousins who revel in the family rivalry.

Most interestingly, the abuse and cuss words,exchanged between  players and between supporters in the  audiences  in a common language , keeps the drama alive.

The first match between India and Pakistan was a test match between October 16th and October 19th 1952. Both the countries have played their first one day international cricket match against each other on October 1st 1978.

An interesting fact to be noted in the rivalry is that 3 players namely Amir Elahi, Gul Mohammed and Abdul Hafeez Kardar played for India before Independence. And then after Pakistan became a separate nation, they played for the team of Pakistan.

The first Asia Cup was held in 1984 in Sharjah in the UAE. India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were the only three countries to take part in the tournament. Indian team led by Sunil Gavaskar lifted the inaugural trophy as they defeated  Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

In 1990, Pakistan pulled out of the tournament, which was held in India, due to strained political tensions with the country. India retained the trophy after defeating Sri Lanka in the final.

Here are five interesting facts ahead of the big faceoff between the two rivals of cricket:

  1. India & Pakistan have played 11 times in the Asia cup with each team winning on 5 occasions, while the match in 1997 was abandoned due to rain.
  2. The two teams have never met in the finals of the Asia Cup.

  3. In the 12 editions so far Pakistan have reached the final on 4 occasions and  India have been in the final 8 times winning the title on five occasions, interestingly all these finals were against Sri Lanka.

  4. Pakistan decided not to play in the 1991 edition hosted by India, later the 1993 clash scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan was cancelled due to strained Indo-Pak relations.

  5. India has a perfect record of beating Pakistan in ICC World Cup matches in all formats of the game.


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