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Rohit Pathak awarded scholarship

Rohit Kumar Pathak who hails from Ranchi in Jharkhand left his home town and decided to pursue his higher education in Goa. In 2014, he joined the Chowgule college of Arts & science with his core area of study being geography. A talented individual who has participated in a number of sports activities such as cricket & badminton, he is very passionate about cooking travel & meeting new people. He has represented our college as the General Secretary of the Sports council, he is also the University representative of Chowgule College. Looking to leverage his interest in the culinary field Mr. Rohit Kumar visited the Chowgule Center for applied and Professional Studies (CCAPS) for guidance on taking advantage of his hobby of cooking. The CCAPS team counseled and informed Mr. Rohit Kumar of a cruise Culinary program which is run by us in association with the American College of Culinary & Language Arts. A scholarship, the full programme fees, worth 1.5 lakhs, was offered to students of Goa who wished to pursue a career in the culinary field. Mr. Rohit Kumar Pathak appeared for the Scholarship exam in February this year. He topped the exam and received a full scholarship for study assistance. Speaking to Mr. Rohit Kumar Pathak he said “I am Very happy and satisfied with my decision to join the culinary field. I applaud the guidance provided by CCAPS to turn my dream into a reality and I will forever be thankful to them”. “I Look forward to the future in the cruise line business and I aspire to become a sous Chef and eventually host my own cooking show on television”