Chowgule Center for Applied and Professional Studies


Objective & Outcome

The Programme begins with a comprehensive look at Drawing, illustration and 2D * 3D animation, and progresses to editing,visual effects and virtual reality. Students learn to create animations inboth 2D and 3D from scratch, composting, production, rotoscoping and more. Theprogram encourages innovation and research while stressing strong technical and presentation skills. The Animation and Visual Effects Programme prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the industry such as 3D or 2D animator, Layout artist, 3D architectural visualizer, rotoscopy artists,Compositors, etc. Throughout the programme, students are engaged in all aspects of animation and visual effects production, from concept development and production design to the completion of finished segments.

Semester 1

  • Course Title: Drawing & Vector Graphics
  • Module- I - Fundamentals of Drawing 
  • Module- II - Digital Sketching & Painting 
  • Module- III - Adobe Illustrator
  • Course Title: Creative Design & 2D Animation
  • Module– I - Adobe Flash 
  • Module– II- Photoshop 
  • Project Work

Semester 2

  • Course Title: 3D Animation – I
  • Module– I - Fundamentals of 3D Animation
  • Module- II- Modeling in 3D
  • Module– III - Shapes and Splines
  • Course Title: 3D Animation – II
  • Module- I: Advance Modeling in 3d Animation
  • Module– II - Material & Texturing and Virtual Camera
  • Module– III - Lighting, Rendering and Export
  • Project Work

Semester 3

  • Course Title: Visual Effects- I
  • Module– I - Fundamental of Motion Graphics
  • Module- II - Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects 
  • Course Title: Visual Effects- II
  • Module- I - Advance Composition in Adobe After Effects 
  • Project Work

Semester 4

  • Course Title: Video Editing
  • Module– I: Fundamentals of Video Editing
  • Module– II: Adobe Premiere Pro 1
  • Module- III - Adobe Premiere Pro 2
  • Course Title: Audio Editing
  • Module– I -  Sound Editing in Adobe Audition 
  • Module- II - Audio Interfacing
  • Module- III - Sound Developing 
  • Module - IV - Sound Mixing and Enhance
  • Project Work

Semester 5

  • Course Title: Visual effects in Foundry Nuke
  • Module– I: Fundamentals of Video Editing
  • Module– II: Adobe Premiere Pro 1
  • Module- III - Adobe Premiere Pro 2
  • Course Title: Audio Editing
  • ModuleI. The Nuke Interface, Transformations and Animation
  • Module II. Compositing CGI, Channels, Keying, Tracking, Warping and Retiming
  • ModuleIII 3D Animation and Shaders
  • ModuleIV. Production Workflows and camera tracking
  • ModuleV. Advanced 3D Nodes
  • Course Title: Basics of Silhouette FX androtoscoping
  • Module I: The Silhouette User Interface & Workflow Overview
  • Module II: Rotoscoping Basics
  • ModuleIII Motion Tracking & Planar Trackers
  • ModuleIV: Complex Roto and Inverse Kinematics
  • ModuleV: Tracking, Stabilization and Matchmoving
  • ModuleVI: Stereoscopic media
  • Course Title:  Capstone Project

Semester 6

  • CourseTitle: Virtual Reality
  • ModuleI. Virtual Reality
  • Course Title:  Internship